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Infinite Banking

Be your own bank.

Until recently, you had to be independently wealthy before you could really act as your own bank. Now, thanks to landmark legislation, "Infinite Banking" is available to every U.S. citizen. EFG can get you started in as little as 15 minutes.

Risk-free growth

Growth outpaces the market without exposure to loss.

Reward your discipline

No need to make huge contributions - slow and steady yields the highest results.

Mortgage Protection

Don't just give it back.

Most people don't realize that their home will become the property of the bank if you become injured, sick or otherwise unable to pay the mortgage. Wouldn't it feel great to know that even if you passed away, the home would stay with your family? Talk with one of our mortgage protection specialists today to see if you qualify.

Over 90% of eligible people qualify.

Instant decision or fully underwritten options.

Many severe health issues can still be approved.

We help build wealth. Then we help manage it.

"Nothing prepares you for the good sleep you get when you realize your financial future is secure! You feel like you can do anything, and it's all going to be okay."


Client since August 2023

"Making sure I don't leave my kids with bills was

the first step. But I never would have imagined I'd be leaving a legacy that could last for generations."


Client since Aori2015

Solutions For Any Income

Financial Freedom on Your Terms.



Life-changing affordable investments



Leave them a home,

not a mortgage.



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